Halloween Hijinks in the Cotswolds

TLDR: Great Halloween, tiny people were cute, sugar was ingested in heroic quantities The Prep: Ollie began the week rather joyfully crowing that it was Halloween soon. Somehow, he has decided that Halloween is something exciting and that he should probably be allowed a party as part of it. Given that Pose and I feel... Continue Reading →

New year retrospective of an Olephant handler

Firstly apologies. I got a bit carried away with this post so if it's all a bit tldr...great year, Ollie talks and walks, we did a lot and all survived. January - It's moving and other bits. Ollie had begun to crawl over Xmas period and had decided with a bit of encouragement and help... Continue Reading →

Duncan the Pumpkin

So Rosie, the Olephant and I went Pumpkin picking with some of Rosie's friends. It was awesome fun and Ollie only licked 2 pumpkins, 1 sign and some tarmac...so an improvement on other recent outings. We also now are the proud owner of a small pumpkin that Ollie seems determined to call Duncan. Love half... Continue Reading →

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