New beginnings etc

Tiny bit of a weird start to this summer break as it’s the first one in the last ten summers I’ve not been prepping to go back to the school I’ve taught at for nine and a bit years. I’ve spent just over a quarter of my life teaching there so it’s quite a big change going to a new school! A lot of rather key life experiences have taken place whilst working at CCS:

  • I met my wife,
  • I married my wife,
  • My wife and I bought our first house,
  • My wife and I bought a dog,
  • My son was born,
  • Game of Thrones began and finished.
  • My mum also passed away.

Throughout all of these I had support from some brilliant people and also the pleasure of teaching some wonderful young people. I’m going to miss it, but it’s long past time I moved on and tried something new. It’s also a massive bonus that now my journey time will be cut down to 15 minutes and I’ll be able to pick up Ollie from nursery and in the not so distant future school!

I’m not sure I’ll find another school like CCS – it’s rather unique in both its size and brilliant ethos of education and although at times it threatened to swamp my life I loved it. Small schools really do have an important part to play in the education system and offer so much more than people realise. I’ll stop before I get political and ranty, but small schools are brilliant.

Long story short – new beginnings ahoy!


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