Things that have upset my toddler during the snow

Now, Oliver is a wonderfully reasonable young rascal the majority of the time. As long as people bow down to his will and he has a steady supply of snacks, then everything is fine and dandy. However on occasion life can throw things up that are designed seemingly with the sole purpose of frustrating and... Continue Reading →

New year retrospective of an Olephant handler

Firstly apologies. I got a bit carried away with this post so if it's all a bit tldr...great year, Ollie talks and walks, we did a lot and all survived. January - It's moving and other bits. Ollie had begun to crawl over Xmas period and had decided with a bit of encouragement and help... Continue Reading →

Snow in the Cotswolds

Snow day numbers 1 and 2 have come, Ollie had decided as parents we weren't exciting enough so went all Scott of the Antarctic on us and decided to venture forth to bring in vital supplies. We decided that at 19 months he may require some form of supervision so followed on dutifully. After yesterday... Continue Reading →

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