Snow in the Cotswolds

Snow day numbers 1 and 2 have come, Ollie had decided as parents we weren’t exciting enough so went all Scott of the Antarctic on us and decided to venture forth to bring in vital supplies. We decided that at 19 months he may require some form of supervision so followed on dutifully.

After yesterday deciding that he wasn’t too keen on snow, he decided to give it a second chance to impress him today. Whilst he wasn’t entirely convinced, he didn’t stand and glare with disgust at it this time. Some type of progress at least. If he can be persuaded, sledding may occur later once Rosie and I have done a little more work to assuage the guilt of a snow day.

It’s worth noting this has all been done with socks for mittens, on the Olephant’s part, as we failed the parent test on this one! They are matching socks though.


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