Boys week take 1

Day 1 of Boys week:
As Rosie is stuck at school for another week and I am not (not smirking honest!), the Olephant and I have a week of adventure ahead.

Day 1 of this involved a stay and play session at the Olephants nursery. In a very unlike Ollie manner, the first half an hour involved him clinging on to me and refusing to do anything other than stare forlornly around the nursery. This state of play ended abruptly however when mince pies we’re handed out by the nursery staff…no sooner had one lady said ‘Would you like a Mince Pie Olliebobs?’ than he had stuffed it all in his mouth and ran off to pursue his nursery love interest (someone we shall call Little Miss A).

With a true Webber understanding of how to impress the ladies he proceeded to steadily dribble crumbs on her and then try and steal her toy phone from her whilst simultaneously attempting to hug her. She was not impressed and pushed him away whilst retaining the phone. After a brief wobble of the upper lip and a moment of contemplation, Olephant still looked happy that he had expressed his admiration for Little Miss A and tottered off to poke some playdough.

Eventually the afternoon began to wind down and ended with a thoroughly good party tea after which we stomped back home to finish off the afternoon with a read on the sofa and a chance to plot tomorrow’s adventure.

Hats off to the nursery staff who were amazing with all the tiny things.


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