New year retrospective of an Olephant handler

Firstly apologies. I got a bit carried away with this post so if it's all a bit tldr...great year, Ollie talks and walks, we did a lot and all survived. January - It's moving and other bits. Ollie had begun to crawl over Xmas period and had decided with a bit of encouragement and help... Continue Reading →

Christmas meet ups

Lots of family meet ups took place for our little family over the festive period. This involved us zipping all over the place to far flung exotic places such as Kingston upon Thames, Tamworth, Stratford Upon Avon and Calne. It was genuinely ace to catch up with everyone, it really doesn't happen often enough. The... Continue Reading →

Boys week take 5 (well 4.5)

Final day of boys week started rather late due to Ollie on Thursday night/Friday morning deciding that sleep was a rather old hat and a bit too conformist for him to take part in. This meant that by the time his avant garde broken sleeping style finally pieced itself together it was about 4.30am and... Continue Reading →

Boys week take 4

Day 4: Nothing much of note happened today. A parent/small person Christmas party was attended at Little Hurricanes, surprisingly not a horrific experience. Lots of small people being really rather well behaved and not monstrous. Some of Pose's friends made me feel a little less awkward at being the only dad there. Ollie was a... Continue Reading →

Boys week take 1

Day 1 of Boys week: As Rosie is stuck at school for another week and I am not (not smirking honest!), the Olephant and I have a week of adventure ahead. Day 1 of this involved a stay and play session at the Olephants nursery. In a very unlike Ollie manner, the first half an... Continue Reading →

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