Boys week take 4

Day 4:
Nothing much of note happened today.

A parent/small person Christmas party was attended at Little Hurricanes, surprisingly not a horrific experience. Lots of small people being really rather well behaved and not monstrous. Some of Pose’s friends made me feel a little less awkward at being the only dad there. Ollie was a little clingy and territorial around me however, I think he tried to Roar (whilst sitting between my legs) at another tiny person who had pottered over and attempted to get my attention. This had the predictable effect of nothing but Ollie seemed happy that he’d made his presence felt.

The other main occurrence other than dull shopping was that Olephant took up temporary residence in the Turkey brining bucket until I was utterly unreasonable and insisted he got out. This went down predictably well, after some well thought arguments on Ollie’s part (a mix of a whineing noises/shouting no) and being the consistent paragon of parenting that I am, I graciously left him to play in the bucket. He got stuck and tipped it over within 1 minute.


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