Boys week take 5 (well 4.5)

Final day of boys week started rather late due to Ollie on Thursday night/Friday morning deciding that sleep was a rather old hat and a bit too conformist for him to take part in. This meant that by the time his avant garde broken sleeping style finally pieced itself together it was about 4.30am and rather than wake him at 7am like usual I let him sleep him until 9ish. This was totally for him and I had no net benefit from this at all. Honestly.

Once up we had a brief excursion to Grandad’s to wrap up Mum and Grandad’s Christmas presents. Ollie was about as useful as you’d expect and in an innovative move straight out of left field attempted to alternately eat the wrapping paper or try to wrap his own legs. At one point due to a moment of parental negligence while wrapping a particularly awkward gift, Ollie became more cellotape than boy.

This brief sojourn at Grandad’s over we both eagerly bundled into the car to head to find Pose who had a half day for her last day of term. I thwarted Ollie somewhat, who sat in his car seat with an eager gleam in his eye waiting for me to mess up, by nailing the rubics cube of car seat buckles in one attempt. Anyway, we got to Stratford and found Pose who was dressed as a mildly demented Christmas Pudding…

Boys week officially came to a close and we now get to enjoy Christmas as a family. I’ve enjoyed boys week but frankly sharing adulting responsibilities seems a lot less harrowing.


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