Boys week take 3

Day 3:
Today was a little less all over the place and largely involved a grand expedition to the mysterious locale of Longborough quarry.

As a side note Ollie has officially developed his first passive aggressive little toad trait, it involves his car seat. His car seat is at the best of times a fiendishly confusing piece of equipment. To properly install the base is difficult enough; to further get it set at just the right angle to ensure Ollie can sprawl in comfort (safely) requires a level of coordination and mechanical understanding rarely seen outside of an engineering corp. This initial set up however becomes trivial when faced with getting a determined Olephant-Squid hybrid strapped in. Getting the arms in is tough but getting the 3 piece belt to click in around his girth is where the whole thing degenerates into farce. I can manage all of this though, honestly I can. However it’s when the toddler shaped contortionist says with a smile on his face ‘Oh dear Daddy!’ at every failed attempt of strapping him in that you start to lose the will to live.

Anyway…the quarry was ace fun and Ollie ran riot. He thoroughly explored the simple joys of thwacking things (including me) with sticks and barreling into piles of leaves. We had a great time up there and even the disappointing lack of animals to quack at couldn’t spoil the time Olephants had. Plus, to top it all, Ollie looked super adorable in his fox coat stalking around the woods with a stick!

*Pre-emptive edit: If Rosie says the car seat is easy, she is lieing.


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