Cogge Manor Farm

Late finish on this post but Summer term in school is always a killer. Anyway....imagine you're transported back in time to May... It's been a pretty non-stop action month in the Webber household. We have had Ollievov's second birthday, Pose's <mumblemumble> birthday, SATs at my school, beginning of exam season at Poses school, Ollie has... Continue Reading →

Boys week take 3

Day 3: Today was a little less all over the place and largely involved a grand expedition to the mysterious locale of Longborough quarry. As a side note Ollie has officially developed his first passive aggressive little toad trait, it involves his car seat. His car seat is at the best of times a fiendishly... Continue Reading →

Walking adventures

Yesterday Rosie, Ollie and I ventured forth on an adventure using a suspiciously inaccurate Cotswolds walks book published in 1983. We turned a 1.5 hour walk into a 3.5 hour one. Part of our slow progress was due to carrying an Olephant on my back, another part was a dog who couldn't walk in a... Continue Reading →

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