Boys week take 2

Day 2:
Spoiler: No major atrocities occurred today.

Slimbridge went as expected. Ollie adamantly quacked at a Goose (Lesser White Fronted) and continued to shout duck at it in a very determined manner. The Goose eventually retreated looking existentially confused. This story played itself out time and again around the rest of Slimbridge with a better than 50% successes rate owing to the large amounts of ducks present. This counts as a win.

We next teamed up with Tom, Rory and Grandad and ventured to Santa’s grotto just outside Moreton. I’m not utterly convinced Ollie had a clue who Santa was but he appreciated the moment and his wild kick (given whilst disagreeing with the act of sitting on Santa’s lap) didn’t cause any major damage. Eventually a compromise was reached and Ollievov sat on me a safe distance from his former opponent in red and graciously accepted his present/peace offering.

Ace day, looking forward to day 3.


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