Christmas with an Olephant and family herd

Just a few pics from Christmas festivities. Didn’t take many on the day as was far too busy cooking non stop, this is something that will need remedying next year!

In his own unique way Ollie found a way to make opening presents combative, albeit in an endearingly cute/monstrous way. Forcing presents into Pose’s face was cute at first and I made sure to clap and cheer each pudgy act of toddler terrorism by Ollievov; when he tried it with a balance bike I did begin to feel a little bad for her though. Luckily this bizarre feeling didn’t last and I continued to encourage him thoroughly. Here’s hoping nursery pick up the slack with the deterioration in his behaviour after being home with us for 3 weeks.

This final pic was the aftermath of presentageddon for the Olephant. At least this year he made it to the sofa (bottom half) as opposed to crashing out on the rug like last year (top half).

Not pictured is everyone else doing exactly the same.


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