Unfair comparisons – Me vs Captain America

When Rosie and I went to watch the first Avengers in 2012, she said in a hushed and clearly awed voice as Captain Americas bum appeared on screen, ‘They don’t make many men like that do they…it’s not fair on the rest of you.’

Being the well balanced individual I am, I took this on the chin and proceeded to pretend that I couldn’t hear her when she asked me to pass the popcorn for the rest of the movie. Now after watching a national (and household ) near melt down over Tom Hardy reading a bed time story on CBBC, Chris Evans is now going to be doing it. I’m not sure my ego can take the bed time reading comparisons…

Chris Evans – Bedtime story

*Update – I read the same story to Ollievov and, even if I do say so myself, got a far better reaction. Rosie’s reaction is besides the point. This is still a win, therefore I’m officially one up on Captain America. Ice always preferred DC anyway!


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