Tigers Rugby adventure

Given that Ollie is shaped in a fairly similar way to an over pumped rugby ball it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise he felt right at home and enjoyed himself at Leicester Tigers.

He spent roughly 40% of the time burbling/flirting/socialising with people in the row behind us, 40% dropping food onto the poor chap in front of us, 15% trying to pick players up off the pitch (not quite there with the whole small and far away yet) and about 5% watching the rugby. However he seemed to enjoy it all and particularly loved cheering along with the crowd when points were scored (he may also have cheered a pigeon , a line judge scratching his nose and a banana he was eating so I’m not reading too much into the rationale behind the noises he made).

All in all was a great day and need to say a big thanks to Tom and the awesome Rory for coming up trumps with some tickets and letting us join them !


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