Olephants meets Japanese food

Ollie’s discerning pallette had its first proper taste of Japanese/Sushi today. Unsuprisingly he loved it and equally predictably he managed to make eating rather dainty morsels of food look truly horrific. He pretty much dived face first into some seaweed coating himself and the immediate splatter area around him before we rescued the food. It was only after wrangling and cajoling that we persuaded him to let us feed him a little bit at a time. Unfortunately our speed of delivery did not match his exacting standards so we moved on to possible finger type foods.

I thought the seaweed would have been the murkier part of the meal, but somehow Ollie turned some rather inoffensive avocado Maki into a rice shower for all near by. Nonetheless we weren’t asked to leave and Ollie continued to gorge. After finally putting away an awe inspiring amount for a tiny person, sleep claimed him and we paid and dashed off leaving a scene of sushi related carnage.

All in all he did pretty well, especially when compared to the mess his mum made.


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