Scaring our Dog

This picture below hides the truth of what our little Oaflike monster has been up to today.

He may look a poppet in this picture but this is the end result of Ollie terrorising our dog. It got to the point that the dog began to whine to get outside for a break from the tiny little troll like creature stalking him. In this picture Ollie is standing at the french windows continuing his favourite past time of staring out the dog. As you can see he feels absolutely zero remorse for his actions.

In Ollie’s defence he had started well today in trying to win the dog over. He got a thoroughly positive licking after surreptitiously feeding him half of his breakfast in a sign of solidarity. One prisoner to another. However Ollie’s overall need to make others feel uncomfortable by staring at them until they crack, very soon reasserted itself, thus the current state of play in our small living room. Mundane post over.


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