Things that have briefly held my toddlers attention and not been expensive!

Firstly, I should point out that by entertained I really mean: keeping out of trouble, not making a moaning noise, not harassing the dog, not randomly licking objects/surfaces, taking a break from demanding cheese despite already having some in his hand, not flinging himself dramatically on the floor to express his despair with the world... Continue Reading →

Pancake owls – the key to an Olephants gut

Pancake day today and it proved to be a raging success overall with the Olephant. To be fair, I think I could of put a suspiciously dry pinecone on a pancake and he would have energetically demolished it. The pancakes went down a storm, was it because they were Owls? Was it down to the... Continue Reading →

Olephant sized portions

In an effort to broaden Olephants horizons food-wise, Pose and I have always tried to give Ollie a little bit of what we are eating. Whilst this has been a success in terms of getting him to eat pretty much anything that can't run away (having said this he did once try and gnaw on... Continue Reading →

Olephants meets Japanese food

Ollie's discerning pallette had its first proper taste of Japanese/Sushi today. Unsuprisingly he loved it and equally predictably he managed to make eating rather dainty morsels of food look truly horrific. He pretty much dived face first into some seaweed coating himself and the immediate splatter area around him before we rescued the food. It... Continue Reading →

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