Olephant sized portions

In an effort to broaden Olephants horizons food-wise, Pose and I have always tried to give Ollie a little bit of what we are eating. Whilst this has been a success in terms of getting him to eat pretty much anything that can’t run away (having said this he did once try and gnaw on our dogs tail), he is more a quantity than quality type. Whilst he’s less banana motivated now at one point he had a real habit developing, he’s a bit of a basic toddler. Honestly give him a nose bag filled to bursting and he’d be in a toddler state of Nirvana.

In any event, to combat this we’re now aiming to do Ollie sized portions of our food presented in the same way as ours to hopefully get him a bit more excited about new things. Also with this disguising of some more sinister flavours we’ll also hopefully begin developing a less farm yard animal like son.

To this end he has had his first messed about Ramen (pictured above). This was not a massive success largely due to the fact he had mainlined a bowl of grapes before this got to him, but hope springs eternal. Anyway it’s pancakes tomorrow so that’s a sure fired winner!


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