Pancake owls – the key to an Olephants gut

Pancake day today and it proved to be a raging success overall with the Olephant. To be fair, I think I could of put a suspiciously dry pinecone on a pancake and he would have energetically demolished it.

The pancakes went down a storm, was it because they were Owls? Was it down to the fruit? Was it down to it being lovingly prepared? Was it down to my son being a bit of piglet? Maybe that. Yes, the Owls did look a little naff and the tiny dictator may of smushed his around until it resembled a Jackson Pollock utterly destroying any semblance of an owl; but given the gusto with which he attacked the pancakes I can definitely begin surreptitiously sneaking unexpected flavours in his pancakes now. He’ll be none the wiser…

Tomorrow (Valentine’s day!) may be more challenging as I think Pose may take exception to me spending more time on Ollie related things than her. Potentially it may be gruel and water for Olliebob. Depressingly I’m sure he’d, at worst, enjoy it as much as pancakes or ramen…


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