Summer holidays: It’s begun!

Long post about nothing overly interesting incoming.

Two long days in school done hefting stuff about and now Rosie, Ollie and I can begin our hols.

Oliver predictably begun his holidays with aplomb. A lovely 5.00am wake up call was how it started. Then came the inevitable bed invasion and attempting to resettle for at least 1 more hours sleep. Utter failure but hope springs eternal.

This was followed by a playdate with Grandad Webber, who within 2 minutes of having us over, was wrapped around Ollie’s finger and jumping to attention at every imperious command from Ollie’s pudgey little mouth. Whilst not talking in sentences or even words at times, he was using his toddlers subtle and refined ways of making clear what needs doing. I think it was a 69 yr old acting as though he didn’t despise watching Peppa Pig and that, actually, he quite enjoyed and looked forward to watching it, that affirmed where the power lay in that relationship.

Then came a gorging/extreme grazing experience at one of Rosie ‘s friends before trundling home for a quick nap. Once the afternoons siesta was over a thorough run around and play session ensued. As we are raising a Rhinoceros like creature, not a child, this involved running at Rosie giggling then flinging himself at her head first, this was then repeated ad infinitum. Playing only finished when Ollie decided I was doing such a poor job entertaining with a finger puppet, that it should be taken straight off me and thrown in my face to show his displeasure at my sloppy performance. It was my own fault, I just wasn’t invested enough in the performance and it showed.

Anyway….day 1 of the summer holidays done. Thoroughly brilliant family related shenanigans and looking forward to the rest!


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