Holiday day 3 – #*@?/*&! weather strikes!

The inevitable has happened and our ragtag band of happy campers has been temporarily halted in its tracks by bloody Welsh coastal weather. Winds gusting at 45mph along with hideous rain squalls ultimately culminated in our tent being destroyed. Multiple tent poles splintered/snapped and us and our belongings were blown everywhere and soaked through. Now... Continue Reading →

Holiday day 2 – A day should not begin at 2am

To preface this post I need to say straight off that all in all it's been a brilliant day and in general I do enjoy a cathartic moan so bear with me. Despite the day on balance being ace it did start in rather a ghastly manner with the Olephant waking up with an ear... Continue Reading →

Walking adventures

Yesterday Rosie, Ollie and I ventured forth on an adventure using a suspiciously inaccurate Cotswolds walks book published in 1983. We turned a 1.5 hour walk into a 3.5 hour one. Part of our slow progress was due to carrying an Olephant on my back, another part was a dog who couldn't walk in a... Continue Reading →

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