Hollibobs with Olliebobs: Fishguard take 2

Torrential rain and 50+ mile an hour winds last night gave way to an awesome day today weather-wise. The days activities were also great fun despite Ollie and Rosie tagging along and cramping my style.

Ollie went for his first paddle in the sea, and very quickly ran away from his first paddle in the sea. It was all done in a quite indignant manner. I think he couldn’t believe his parents would be so silly as to expect him to paddle in the ice water we called a sea. He got over it and by the end had become quite the dare devil/pickle.

We also found a lighthouse somehow, it wasn’t intentional we just stumbled upon it via Google maps; I’d got us lost (differently on track) on some unsuitable for motor vehicle roads/paths/tracks that we could totally of managed in my opinion. Anyway, the light house was ridiculously picturesque and generally lovely.

To top it all off today, the Olephant actually went down at his appointed bed time, so it’s now beer o’clock. Love holidays!


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