Holibobs with Olliebobs: Snowdonia/Pembrokeshire

After a 5.30am tent take down and being eaten alive by midges, we made a long drive down to Pembrokeshire and Fishguard.

It is all ridiculously pretty, so much so that it’s almost sickening. The weather system is playing nicely today so our tent and worldly belongings have dried out from the 24 hours+ of torrential rain in Snowdonia.

Olliebobs had his first sortie onto a beach where he proceeded to quack in a strangely confrontational manner at the sea. He wasn’t too sure about the rock pools either but decided to just glare at them a little.

He seemed to enjoy the experience and showed his approval by attempting to eat any objects he found including: pebbles, seaweed, shells and a slightly startled bug.

The forecast tomorrow looks ropey as, however Rosie has informed me that there is a local brewery tour I’m allowed to play at should it rain. I think keeping me entertained is potentially more difficult than Ollie. Rosie has put together a list of things for me to do when bored…


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