Ollie’s first ‘tificate’!

So, Ollie got his first certificate for something other than being born today. Admittedly it was one that he along with the whole of his class got for doing ballet at nursery but it is just one of the most sickeningly heartwarming things ever seeing how proud he is of it. When Pose picked him up he wouldn’t let go of it and fell asleep in the car with it. Then, when he got in, he proudly clung onto it and showed it to me through the expedient of pushing it into my face. This was followed by scuttling away into a corner of the sofa clutching the certificate like a tubby, less grey, Golumm – all the while saying ‘mine’ under his breath.

Olephant is an utter goon of a child and after his delightful 4am wake and scream routine this morning coupled with being mildly unpleasant (a Toddler) he was not high on my list of favourite people. However, this small, tiny occurrence, made me realise that he isn’t utterly without merit and I may be a fan of his work in the long run.


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