Mental prodding by a 3 year old

Ollie has always had a carefully developed and well orchestrated range of gambits for artfully poking Rosie and I both mentally and physically. Through constant enforced exposure however, we have increasingly become resistant to them as time has gone. They are wonderfully passive aggressive at times and include classics such as steadfastly insisting that I... Continue Reading →

3 utterly ridiculous things that we have done to placate our child.

This post has kind of come about from a discussion Pose and I were having on the way back from the 'Festival of Children' we went to recently in Cheltenham. The event in of itself, was quite an amiable affair with various businesses etc putting in little workshops for tiny people. Yes, it was quite... Continue Reading →

More posts needed!

I've been a bit slack in creating any posts/content in the past 10 months and all I can put this down to is frankly not finding the time to do anything other than working and enjoying my little family. Excuses for being rather unproductive on the blog front out of the way, there should be... Continue Reading →

Holiday day 3 – #*@?/*&! weather strikes!

The inevitable has happened and our ragtag band of happy campers has been temporarily halted in its tracks by bloody Welsh coastal weather. Winds gusting at 45mph along with hideous rain squalls ultimately culminated in our tent being destroyed. Multiple tent poles splintered/snapped and us and our belongings were blown everywhere and soaked through. Now... Continue Reading →

Holiday day 1 – A beginning..

To be fair day 1 has not been the most chilled and easily enjoyed of days. Setting off at 7am with a heavily laiden car is tough, doing this with a toddler is tougher, doing it with a 35 year old man who actively despises mornings and is irrationally grumpy is even tougher still. Yet... Continue Reading →

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