Holiday 2.0: Day 1 – Fingers crossed this time

Not even bloody awful Welsh weather was enough to dent our determination to enjoy a summer holiday and so today after recouping for a day we boldly ventured forth to our base of operations… Southampton!

We kind of lucked out with the Airbnb and are staying right next to the harbour literally within throwing distance of a gorgeous marina with yachts that cost far more than our house. The headline picture is the view from our apartments window!

It’s a gorgeous location but as we aren’t aiming to stay in much, Ollie won’t have a chance to crash the Yacht club next door unfortunately.

The Olephant has already garnered some attention when we took a stroll earlier and he claimed to be a seagull and began flapping his ‘wings’…this was cute – people understood this and someone commented as much. I’m not sure people enjoyed his next spectacle as much when he began demanding loudly, in the middle of the street nearby, that Pose and I act like seagulls too…at the top of his voice… repeatedly. No one commented then how cute he was nor how cute Rosie and I were being with our seagull impressions in our attempts to appease the small puppet master with us.

Anyway before all this happened on our way down to Southampton we took a bit of a detour and went to ‘Coral Reef – Bracknells Water World’. Essentially a really nice water park with a load of slides, a lazy river/rapids and a lot of splashy water jets. Ollie freakin loved it and spent a happy two hours bobbing about. Pose and I loved it as well however swimming with Ollie is a lot like taking a beating from a small giggling Walrus. We swim with Ollie at least 4 times a week in a vain effort to tire him out but this is usually only 45 mins to an hour each time…120 minutes just pushes it a little far. Despite all the fun we we’re having after the used plasters began to form impromptu rafts we just knew we had to get out.

Anyway, once the swimming venture finished we got on our way and eventually got to our lush apartment in Southampton and with what I wrote above that’s kind of where we are up to. We’re having arelaxed night in and not worrying about the elements.

Tomorrow is a visit to the Chilli and Cheese festival in town before we head off to adventure along the coast! Fingers crossed the apartment block won’t go the way of our tent.


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