Scarecrow trail hijinks

This weekend saw the re-launch, after a few years hiatus, of the scarecrow trail in the village where I teach. If you haven’t been to a scarecrow trail it’s a really fun little event where people throughout the community create scarecrows on various themes which are then dotted throughout the area. Having recently discovered the brilliantly observed and funny, BBC show ‘This Country’ I do need to stress there is little to no similarity between the trail in ep1 of the show and the trail we went on. Even if that show is set 5-10 minutes down the road! Anyway…back on track, given the small size of our school and the equivalent size of the PTA the fact that they have pulled together such a big event is brilliant.

Rosie, the Olephant and I loved it and were wowed by everyone’s creativity. Well, I assume Ollie was, he didn’t say otherwise and seemed cheerful enough. Whilst Im 99% sure he was dutifully impressed, I feel it was more the awesome array of sweet treats on offer along the route that held his attention the most. In his defence he only discovered banana bread today; it’s very distracting for him.

I will admit that with the combined hindrances of Ollie, Chalford being a giant hill disguised as a village and Pose and I not being tremendous walkers, we only braved the short route (the long one having been designed for mountain goats). Even on this short route though, we saw some amazing scarecrow-esque creations. Throughout the entire trail, which was largely along the canal, Ollie (whilst munching banana bread) ribbited rather wistfully whilst scanning the banks in hopes that a frog would appear. None did but he remained optimistic throughout. To relieve Ollie’s existential amphibean disapointment, halfway around we stopped at the park for a play and an ice cream. In an act of ultimate parenting sacrifice, I shared mine with the drooling horror. The ice cream was lovely and Ollie’s slurps were only moderately grim.

Some of the highlights along the trail were:

A decidedly Van Gogh inspired artist scarecrow modelling another scarecrow.

A really clever, interactive and moving counter balanced scarecrow on a unicycle over the river. Ollie was a little fixated with this one, as was I to be honest.

Then on the return leg there was a beautiful Horse and Crow scarecrow fitted with motion sensors. The fact it was made from entirely recycled materials only added to it.

The creativity on show is just another reason I love the area. All in all it was a really great day out and we may venture back on Monday and try the longer blue trail.


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  1. I just watched This Country Ep 1. I’ve gotta say I’m really disappointed your scarecrow festival isn’t the same and doesn’t finish with a bonfire! 😆

    I saw the show advertised in a “Binge on the Best” comedy promotion on the ABC streaming app here in Australia. I wasn’t sure whether to watch it or not. It was great! 😄


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