A night out without a child…

Last weekend, for the first time in two years Pose and I had a night away from home without a tiny Pachyderm for company! Momentous news I know. I think both of us genuinely expected this to be a worrisome experience where Pose or I would be phoning to check on Ollie every 30 minutes or so. Also, there was that very real worry, that I’m sure all parents have at this stage, that Pose and I had forgot how to have any fun on our own. Could we even still hold non child related conversations without a tiny person providing distractions? Had we forgotten how to function as real adults?

Predictably, our worries were just neurotic parenting dross and we immediately fell back into our pre-wombat child groove of people who rather enjoy each other’s company an awful lot. Further on down the line and a few mildy pretentious and overpriced cocktails later (which were amazing!), we became even less tense about abandoning Olliebob with my Dad overnight. However much I love the Olephant, it was brilliant for Pose and I to stay out past the bed time of a 2 year old. The added bonus of then waking up in a hotel, in our own time, not via the intemediary of Ollie whining/singing/crying/making noises was just magical.

Suffice to say, whilst Pose and I had been having our fleeting existential parenting worries about leaving Ollievov, he and my Dad had an absolute whale of a time at their sleepover. This could be due to the fact that, whenever Ollie sees my dad for more than a minute, his body make up magically changes to at least 51% biscuit/sweet and biscuits/sweets don’t feel worry. Or, it could be that he’s really rather secure. Either is quite likely but I’d hope it’s the latter.

I think, potentially, this was all a much easier thing for Ollie and I compared to Rosie. For me, well, I’d already abandoned Ollie for a week to go on school residential and for Ollie, he’s too cool to worry. For poor Pose however, I think this was a really big worry overcome*. We should of done it sooner but just didn’t get our acts together.

*I’ve been informed by Pose that she now feels we should never leave Ollie ever again and it was a massive mistake. I think she’s joking.


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