Christmas meet ups

Lots of family meet ups took place for our little family over the festive period. This involved us zipping all over the place to far flung exotic places such as Kingston upon Thames, Tamworth, Stratford Upon Avon and Calne. It was genuinely ace to catch up with everyone, it really doesn't happen often enough. The... Continue Reading →

Weekend moan

Ollie sums up my feelings in the most eloquent manner about the idea of work tomorrow. It's not as though it's been a hectic weekend, I just feel as though it's been a weekend that has short changed me on the valid rest front. It's worth pointing out that despite looking as though he's been... Continue Reading →

Duncan the Pumpkin

So Rosie, the Olephant and I went Pumpkin picking with some of Rosie's friends. It was awesome fun and Ollie only licked 2 pumpkins, 1 sign and some an improvement on other recent outings. We also now are the proud owner of a small pumpkin that Ollie seems determined to call Duncan. Love half... Continue Reading →

Tigers Rugby adventure

Given that Ollie is shaped in a fairly similar way to an over pumped rugby ball it shouldn't be too much of a surprise he felt right at home and enjoyed himself at Leicester Tigers. He spent roughly 40% of the time burbling/flirting/socialising with people in the row behind us, 40% dropping food onto the... Continue Reading →

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